SitOnIt Focus Chair - Task

SitOnIt Focus Chair - Task

Item No 5623YB1A92

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Seat - Fabric Grade
Seat - Fabric Color
Lumbar Support Option
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Fabric Options

Spice Alkanet

Spice Caraway

Spice Carob

Spice Chai

Spice Fennel

Spice Ginger

Spice Nutmeg

Spice Paprika

Spice Peppercorn

Spice Sea Salt

Sugar Berrypop

Sugar Candy Corn

Sugar Cherrybomb

Sugar Chocolate

Sugar Cola

Sugar Kiss

Sugar Lemondrop

Sugar Licorice

Sugar Rock Candy

Sugar Toffee

Cosmos Vernal

Cosmos Cloud

Cosmos Asteroid

Cosmos Eclipse

Cosmos Deep

Cosmos Jet

Cosmos Stardust

Cosmos Earth

Cosmos Flare

Cosmos Rocket