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Anytime Multipurpose 93
Anytime Multipurpose 93
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    Black Plastic

    Slate Plastic

    Navy Plastic

    Chocolate Plastic

    Bisque Plastic

    Pebble Plastic

    Salsa Plastic

    Spice Alkanet

    Spice Caraway

    Spice Carob

    Spice Chai

    Spice Fennel

    Spice Ginger

    Spice Nutmeg

    Spice Paprika

    Spice Peppercorn

    Spice Sea Salt

    Sugar Berrypop

    Sugar Candy Corn

    Sugar Cherrybomb

    Sugar Chocolate

    Sugar Cola

    Sugar Kiss

    Sugar Lemondrop

    Sugar Licorice

    Sugar Rock Candy

    Sugar Toffee

    Cosmos Vernal

    Cosmos Cloud

    Cosmos Asteroid

    Cosmos Eclipse

    Cosmos Deep

    Cosmos Jet

    Cosmos Stardust

    Cosmos Earth

    Cosmos Flare

    Cosmos Rocket

    Core Burst

    Core Dune

    Core Electric

    Core Eve

    Core Macro

    Core Rubio

    Core Shale

    Core Spritz

    Core Tide

    Core Vital

    Perk Auburn

    Perk Cabana

    Perk Cedar

    Perk Crimson

    Perk Dijon

    Perk Ebony

    Perk Flint

    Perk Patriot

    Perk Regal

    Perk Sesame

    Wren Berry

    Wren Blue Shadow

    Wren Brick Red

    Wren Cherry

    Wren Crimson

    Wren Earth

    Wren Ebony

    Wren Elephant

    Wren Evening

    Wren Flame

    Wren Forest

    Wren Grotto

    Wren Limestone

    Wren Marine

    Wren Mustard

    Wren Sand

    Wren Slate

    Wren Stone

    Wren Topaz

    Wren Tourmaline

    Grade 2 Autumn

    Grade 2 Graphite

    Grade 2 River

    Grade 2 Sunset

    Grade 2 Abergine

    Grade 2 Taupe

    Grade 2 Thyme

    Element Peridot

    Element Lead

    Element H2O

    Element Sapphire

    Element Copper

    Element Onyx

    Element Brownstone

    Element Chalk

    Element Pebble

    Element Ruby

    Canter Vinyl Safari

    Canter Vinyl Saddle

    Canter Vinyl Ancho

    Canter Vinyl Bordeaux

    Canter Vinyl Earth

    Canter Vinyl Night

    Canter Vinyl Mica

    Canter Vinyl Alfalfa

    Canter Vinyl Willow

    Canter Vinyl Onyx

    Canter Vinyl Chestnut

    Canter Vinyl Sable

    Canter Vinyl Sand

    Width: 21.5" {armless} - Width: 26.5" {with arms} - Depth: 22" - Height: 32.5" - Seat Width: 19" - Seat Depth: 18" - Seat Height: 18". Available with or without Casters. Warranted up to 250 lbs.
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  • Canter Vinyl by Momentum Textiles. This is our most popular vinyl extensively used in many enviornments such as Labs, Health Care Facilities, Education, Nurse Stations, anywhere you need to control hygiene along with a high quality vinyl upholstery. A tough vinyl that can be easily cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. PVC Free, Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial. Faux Leather.
    Anytime Multipurpose 93

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